About festival

In the year 2005 everything was bursting.That's why  young local businessmans toghether with cultural enthusiast were looking for new ideas how to refresh and upgrade the happening in Bohinj. The idea itself was given by two actors of a local theater B2. They used to perform with theater on very similar interesting location behind Hotel Jezero.

Togheter with the owners of Coffee house Paviljon Jaka Žvan and Janez Jeklar The Festival Kanal designing started. Very soon Jure Sodja joined as the technical manager, who is now already 11 years programme and technical Festival director. On programme side Danijel Leskovic(in that time leader of Wind band Bohinj) was helping a lot in first years as well.

Dry flood channel was a big challenge for organisers and performerce, but throught the years we found so many pluses about it, that we are all happy on the end of the day. This area was useless before revitalization with cultural events and galleries. Before that people were dumping cans and bottles in to the channel. We have to explain that channel is not always dry and even some concert had to be cancelled because of water running from our stage. We even had two extreme floods in this years. As you can see it on our pictures, channel  was completly full of water and we lost our stairs twice.

Festival Kanal, Bohinj - Slovenija Festival Kanal, Bohinj - Slovenija Festival Kanal, Bohinj - Slovenija Festival Kanal, Bohinj - Slovenija

In the last years even wheather is on our side, cause we didn't need to cancel many events in the last years. Festival Kanal is good promotion of Coffee house Paviljon, but is is also a very good promotion of Bohinj. We are very stubborn about Wednesday, even many people almost demand it on weekends. That was our mainidea, that we offer event for opur guest that are staying in Bohinj at least couple of days.

We are very proud, that in this years we even got our fans or better regular guests. We are very thankfull to them , cause events without them would not be the way they are. Some of them drive even 100 km in one way just to be part of Festival Kanal. Fact is that we can afford to invite better musicians because of great help of our main sponsor SBERBANK and anonymous donator. They both cover app. one third of budget, the other third is goes on Coffee house and last third is on Tourist Association Bohinj. Ambience, friendliness, good music and a fantastic atmosphere are the reasons that our visitors are returning. Our vision is to try all this and more in the future!
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